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Xmas Girls Part II

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Xmas Boys Part I


How McClain Stole Christmas!


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These are the list of non-canon movies to the series of LilycoveCave's TDI, TDA and TDWT.

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How McClain Stole ChristmasEdit


All of the campers of TDI are there to celebrate Christmas. As Chris is prepared to stop the finale episode just in time for Christmas week. Duncan and Courtney goes deeper with their relationship as well as Tyler and Lindsay, and Owen and Izzy. The campers then meets a greater threat, Chris McClain. He reveals that he never liked Christmas and plans to rid it from Camp Wawanakwa. So all of the campers decides to foil Chris' plans for ruining the Christmas spirit as he tries to bring their self-esteem down and convince them that Christmas is boring. Eventually it just leaves Duncan, Noah, Tyler, Lindsay, Gwen and Heather to save the Christmas spirit for everyone.

Xmas Boys Part IEdit


As Christmas was saved and Chris was able to see the light. This takes place in season two where the cast and Chef Hatchet all celebrates Christmas Eve. However, Chef Hatchet somehow persuades Chris to stop Christmas again when Chef vows that the cast does not deserve Christmas. Duncan, Geoff, Cody, Justin and Trent all becomes the Xmas Boys to save Christmas from Chris and Chef's reign of terror.

Xmas Girls Part IIEdit


After the boys were horribly stopped and lost somewhere on the film lot, the girls... Courtney, Gwen, Bridgette, Blaineley, Heather, Lindsay, Bridgette and Izzy all becomes the Xmas Girls to stop them and find the boys and rescue them. However, they are eventually rescued by the boys and soon they all team up to save everyone and save Chris and Chef all in time for the Christmas Eve Night and Christmas early in the morning (6:00 am).

Halloween SpecialEdit


This takes place during World Tour and everyone is just in time for Halloween. Of course, this is Duncan's favorite holiday (other than Christmas). So he decides to steal everyone else's candy (except his girlfriend's Heather's candy). Eventually he gets caught by the new boys... Haunt Boys consisting of Cody, Harold, Justin, Alejandro and Geoff. Duncan is then made a bet to collect more candy than anyone on the show by the end of the day. Duncan then teams up with some unlikely allies... Lindsay and Noah (the other two winners of the past 2 seasons). Together, they all collect the most candy for Duncan despite them hating him. However, they believe that since he was a winner in season 3, he deserves some help. Duncan wins the bet and everyone is left in despair that he won.