Season OneEdit

Name Episode Place
Eva Hello Campers 19th
Owen Hello Campers 18th
Harold See You Down There Part II 17th
Beth Talent Show Bogus 16th
DJ Talent Show Bogus 15th
LeShawna Fear Factors 14th
Justin Hot Kitchen 13th
Bridgette Pray for the Prey 12th
Cody Sports Extravaganza Part I 11th
Izzy Sports Extravaganza Part II 10th
Duncan So You Think You Can Eat? 9th
Courtney Wheel...of...Disgust! 8th
Trent Hide and Sneak 7th
Gwen Losers Gone Wild 6th
Noah Watch, Run and Catch! 5th
Owen Watch, Run and Catch 4th
Heather Trial Of Death Into The Rain! 3rd
Tyler Race To The Million Dollars Runner-up

Lindsay Race To The Million Dollars Winner