This article is about the friendship between Duncan and Owen.

Episodes ForEdit

Season OneEdit

Hello CampersEdit

They were placed on the same team (Killer Bass). Duncan seemed sad when Owen was voted off first.

Pray for the PreyEdit

Duncan stated that he was happy that Owen (and Courtney) returned.

Sports Extravaganza Part IEdit

Duncan said in the confessional that he was in an alliance with both Owen and Trent.

Sports Extravaganza Part IIEdit

Duncan motivates Owen to not quit by lying that there were cupcakes.

So You Think You Can Eat?Edit

Owen votes Duncan off. However, Duncan does not seem mad about it.

Losers Gone WildEdit

When it was Duncan's turn to vote somebody off of the show, he hesitates and states that Owen is his friend and votes for Lindsay instead.

Season TwoEdit

Sounds Like DuncanEdit

Owen like the other contestants were shocked to have Duncan back. Duncan was placed on Owen's team.

Robbing is For MenEdit

Owen was happy that Duncan lead their team to victory.

I Can't Believe You Just ExplodedEdit

Duncan was sad that Owen was voted off. However, Duncan either voted him or Justin off.

Episodes AgainstEdit

So You Think You Can Eat?Edit

Owen is one of many to vote Duncan off of the show. However, Duncan does not seem mad for it.

I Can't Believe You Just ExplodedEdit

Duncan probably voted either Justin or Owen off (if that is the case, then he must hold a grudge from when Owen, his alliance member voted him out in season one).

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