This article is about the conflict between Duncan and Noah.

Episodes ForEdit

Season OneEdit

Sports Extravaganza Part IEdit

Duncan states in the confessional that he is ditching Tyler and Noah for goners and joins with Owen and Trent.

So You Think You Can Eat?Edit

Duncan was voted off by Noah and many other contestants.

Season TwoEdit

Robbing is For MenEdit

Noah, Tyler and Gwen discuss on who to vote out if they lose. Noah and Tyler decides on either Heather or Duncan to boot off.

I Can't Believe You Just ExplodedEdit

When Noah decided to jump out the window and injured himself, Duncan rethinks about Noah being the smart one in a mocking tone.

Super DweebEdit

Duncan was seen mocking and laughing at Noah and Courtney because they began to date.

Heather HolmesEdit

Noah was mad at Duncan (Cody, Bridgette, Gwen and Heather) for making Courtney cry by blaming her.

Party Like A Rock StarEdit

Noah was surprised that Duncan was taken to juvy and was "eliminated." However, due to their conflict and he and Courtney being in the final 2, Noah was probably happy about that.

Episodes AgainstEdit

Season OneEdit

Hot KitchenEdit

Duncan devises a plan with Tyler, Cody and Noah to throw the cooking challenge in order to vote Justin out. In the end, their plan works.

Season TwoEdit

Super DweebEdit

Noah and Cody exposed Justin for who he is and that he is a lier. Duncan most likely listened to Noah and booted Justin out.

Heather HolmesEdit

Duncan and Noah were two of four (the others being Bridgette and Courtney) to vote Heather out.