This article is about the relationship Duncan has with Lola (the new goth).

Episodes ForEdit

Season 3Edit

A Lola and A Bull StoryEdit

When Lola came inside the competition, she had her eyes on Duncan since they met. Duncan has also had his eyes on her too. Chris then handcuffs them both together. Duncan and Lola talk to each other for a while and gets motivated by Owen to start a relationship. They share their first kiss and liked it. So they do and they take down the rest of the campers and wins immunity while Bridgette is last place and voted off. At the end of the episode, Duncan and Lola shares their second kiss of the series.

Greece Lightning!Edit

Duncan and Lola continues their relationship. Duncan, Owen and Lola all decides to keep their alliance going. When Duncan is losing against Sierra in the first round of the Sword Fighting, Lola motivates him to beat her by giving him a kiss. After Lola beats her opponent, Duncan gives her a kiss. Then in the final rounds, Duncan is rooting for Lol to beat Courtney up. In the final round, Duncan and Lola refused to fight one another and Lola gave up, giving Duncan immunity again. Duncan, Owen and Lola votes Courtney out. When Lola is voted off as well as Courtney, Duncan makes out with her one last time before she goes.

World Cup TrophyEdit

Duncan states in the confessional that he misses Lola still and already. Duncan vowed to avenge Lola by trying his best to eliminate Alejandro from the competition.

Aftermath: IVEdit

Lola is asked who she wants to win and picks Duncan to win and beats Courtney up when she says that Duncan has no hope of winning.

Hawaii Volcano Eruption Part I & IIEdit

Lola is chosen to be Duncan's companion to help him win. Lola cheers when Duncan wins. Before Duncan aboards everyone except Chris on his yaht, he has a final make out kiss before they go.