This article is about the conflict between Duncan and Harold.

Episodes ForEdit

Season 1Edit

Hello CampersEdit

They would probably be happy to not be on the same team.

Season 2Edit

Sounds Like DuncanEdit

Harold like the rest of the cast was surprised that Duncan returned back in the game.

Super DweebEdit

Duncan was seen making fun of Harold.

Once Upon A FailEdit

Duncan most likely voted Harold off that night.

Season 3Edit

Arctic PowerEdit

Duncan welcomes Harold back to the show and on his team by punching him.

Kayaking QuebecEdit

Duncan was mocking Harold. When their team was trapped in a vortex, Duncan and Harold got into a little arguement which rapidly turned into an all out physical brawl. However, eventually Duncan wins both the verbal and physical fight.

Episodes AgainstEdit

Season 3Edit

Hawaii Volcano Eruption Part I & IIEdit

Harold was one of many to vote for Duncan to win the Billion Dollars.