Episode Eliminated

TDI: Wheel...of...Disgust!



TDI: 17th & 8th


Relationship Duncan (Broke-up), Noah
Friends Noah
Enemies Heather, Duncan, Gwen, Beth, Lindsay, Owen, Justin, Harold, Ezekiel, DJ, Cody, Tyler, Sadie, LeShawna, Trent Everyone (Except Friends)


Season 1Edit

In "Hello Campers" Courtney was placed on the Killer Bass with Duncan, Cody, Ezekiel, Justin, Beth, Heather, Owen, and Bridgette. In the next episode in "See You Down There Part I" Courtney completes the challenge. In "See You Down There Part II" Courtney does not really talk. Courtney like the other campers must stay up. However, she fails and falls asleep on Duncan in "Can You Stand The Sleep?" She then kisses him on accident. In "Dodgebrawl" Courtney is confused about what Duncan is talking about (secret accidental kiss). In the end when the Killer Bass loses, Courtney is voted off and she and Duncan share a moment together.

In "Pray for the Prey" Courtney along with Owen and Trent returned. In the next episode in "Sports Extravaganza Part I" Courtney does well and makes it far. In "Sports Extravaganza Part II" Courtney does good until she loses. Courtney like the others were in an eating competition however, Courtney was the first out. During the elimination, Courtney and Duncan were in the bottom two where Duncan got voted off. They then share a kiss. In "Wheel...of...Disgust!" Courtney fails her challenge like everyone else except Trent. However, Gwen convinces Noah, Trent and Owen to boot Courtney off. Heather even votes her off as well.