Episode Eliminated




TDI: 12th


Relationship Geoff
Friends Geoff, Beth, Gwen, LeShawna, Lindsay, Owen, DJ, Ezekiel, Noah, LeShawna, Cody, Harold, Trent, Lola, Sierra Everyone (Except Enemies)
Enemies Heather, Eva, Justin, Duncan, Alejandro, Courtney


Season 1Edit

In "Hello Campers" Bridgette was placed on the Killer Bass along with Owen, Beth, Cody, Ezekiel, Heather, Duncan, Courtney and Justin. She was sad to see Owen leave. However, she was happy that Eva left. In "See You Down There Part I" Bridgette is sort of quiet for the most part. In the next episode in "See You Down There Part II" Bridgette jumps off the cliff and successfully lands safe with some of her other teammates. In "Can You Stand The Sleep?" Bridgette like the other eat food and race to test if they can stay up. She however, eventually falls asleep. Bridgette along with her team gets defeated in the first round of dodgeball in "Dodgebrawl." Later, she starts out sitting with Cody. However, in the last round the Killer Bass loses and they go to elimination.

In "Talent Show Bogus" the camper were asked to display their talent to Chris. By the end of the episode, everyone was surprised when both teams had somebody eliminated. In the next episode in "Boot Camp" both teams finally merges together. Bridgette manages to stay in past the running challenge as it is Boys vs. Girls. Bridgette also makes it past the push-ups portion. She later then fails when sliding down the iceberg. The campers were all revealing their fears to each other in "Fear Factors." Bridgette asks LeShawna if she was alright. She later then screams when she finds a bear and when she is pushed out of a plane where she fails her challenge. In the next episode in "Hot Kitchen" Bridgette agrees with Gwen that Heather should not be the captain but agrees with Heather about the food choices. Later on, the girls get invincibility. In "Pray for the Prey" Bridgette states that she has to go to the bathroom as before the game starts, Heather convinces Gwen, Izzy and Lindsay to boot Bridgette off. Tyler eventually finds Bridgette near the bathroom and shoots her. During the elimination, Heather and Bridgette were in the bottom two however, Bridgette gets voted off.